ICE Factor and Experiential Marketing for Startups and Mobile App

ICE Factor and Experiential Marketing for Startups and Mobile App

ICE Factor and Experiential Marketing for Startups and Mobile App

A new app that is a community where people and businesses connect on their terms hired ICE Factor to enage consumers and encouraging them to download, register, and actively use the app, all while developing brand awareness.

The campaign involved Brand Ambassadors in red morph suits with QR code boxes strapped to their chests, explaining the app to festival attendees and helping them register. The first activation took place over three days, within which time approximately 640 users were registered and 10,000+ interactions/impressions took place.

The Brand Ambassadors in red morph suits served a number of different purposes. First, the bright red morph suits drew the attention of festival attendees and served as an icebreaker for engagement. The outfits also reinforced branding, as the business portrays itself as an exciting and dynamic company, and red is the color of the app. Most importantly, the QR boxes alleviated one of the steps of the download and also provided real-time, measurable data regarding the success of the activation. Almost all festival attendees had experienced the team and brand by the time they left the event.

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ICE Factor Trade Show Marketing for ISSA

ICE Factor Trade Show Marketing - ISSA

ICE Factor Trade Show Marketing – ISSA

Timing: Yearly
Plan, direct, and engage trade show attendees, while branding and promoting sponsors, while directing traffic to booths.
Branded Segways and ICE Paks were utilized by professional brand ambassadors to engage and speak specific talking points to drive results to sponsors needs. Unique media was eye-catching and innovative but impressions and results drove attendees for sponsor purchase orders.
Generated tens of thousands of impressions from annual attendees. 50% of booth traffic was experienced from the direct results of the “innovative consumer experience.”

“In my four decades of attending trade shows this was the most unique and cost effective marketing program to generate awareness, create interest and drive attendees to a booth that I have ever seen. It was fun, creative and engaging. There were many booths that spent much more money and had much larger booths than did we, but very few had the booth traffic and generated the number of leads we got, and we know it was primarily due to ICE Factor. We were especially impressed with the consistent and thorough follow-up from you and your team. Your team crossed all the “t’s” and dotted all the “’s” in a first class professional manner. You were great to work with in every respect, and you had that special touch of anticipating the unexpected so you were always prepared. Your pre-show preparations included a timeline and a checklist, and you were diligent about following it, but always in a friendly and professional manner and with good suggestions. Your Segway riders were exceptionally well prepared with the key selling points and product benefits, and they really motivated attendees to come to our booth. We look forward to a partnership with you in the future as we build our company from an innovative start-up to a major player and market leader in this large category. ” – Event Manager, SonicScrubbers