ICE Factor PhotoApp and Selfie Station

Minion Experience #SSE15
Minion Experience #SSE15

Sponsorship Marketing: ICE Factor PhotoApp and Sweets & Snacks Expo

Market: Chicago, Illinois


Design and create a branded marketing campaign using the ICE Factor PhotoApp in the form of a Selfie Station at the National Confectioners Association’s Sweets and Snacks Expo. ICE Factor used this innovative marketing technique to represent and drive traffic to the booth for My Favorite Company’s novelty line, Treat Street to effectively promote their latest products.


The ICE Factor PhotoApp station was set up onsite and utilized in the form of a Selfie Station where attendees were able to take photos with the Minions™ as well as share their experience on social media platforms.  Attendees were prompted to enter their information and the PhotoApp would instantly send a web link so that participants could access their photo. Each PhotoApp experience was view-able on a customized and branded microsite, making it user-friendly to share socially. The Selfie Station acted as an  inventive, unique and interactive way to draw attention and traffic to My Favorite Company’s booth.


Successfully promoted the client’s company and  effectively engaged consumers with innovative marketing techniques. Sent hundreds of emails to consumers, which resulted in thousands of views via social media, effectively endorsing My Favorite Company.


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